In Praise of Huma Rashid

Lately I’ve been reading a blog called The Reasonably Prudent Law Student. It’s written by Huma Rashid, a law student who quickly points out that the focus of her blog has long since strayed from a focus on law school and lawyers and now features . . . .well. . . anything “The Hoomster” deems interesting. And that ranges daily from The Scarlet Pinpernel to the price of pumps to “fancy pants lawyering” to Islam/culture to Chicagoland and everything between and beyond.

As an occasional reader of some of the more cynical and cranky blogs written by young lawyers, I have to say that I deeply, deeply hope Huma’s take on things is the future of the profession – and not theirs. While willing to admit that there are plenty of things to be snarky about in her world, she eagerly informs her thoughts about the law, school, the profession, etc. with a refreshing perspective gained in every other aspect of life.  If some saavy publisher doesn’t snatch up this woman and make her an internet star, she’s going to make one hell of a good lawyer.

2 Comments on “In Praise of Huma Rashid”

  1. Donna Seyle says:

    What an amazing writer & thinker she is! I have a feeling she will go far. She is just not to be missed!

  2. humarashid says:

    Wow. To say I’m flattered is a vast understatement. Thank you, ladies! You have no idea how much this means. :) But then again, it’s always nice to be appreciated, right?

    It’s true that my blog started out very law-student-oriented and pretentious at that, like most law student blogs, and then one day I saw a fellow law student in a ripped cut off tee and leggings and thought there had to be a way to dress professionally on a budget, so I put together a business casual outfit for $100, and it just sort of…caught on. So from then on I basically did only that. Recently my computer died, so I lost all my fashion prep material for my blog, so I’ve been filling up the week with random things until I get back on track. A long explanation for a question no one asked! I do that often.

    But again, thank you so much. <3 This was so very kind of you.

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